The reasons why Mobile HRIS is a Trending Profit to the business from 2016?

Mobile HRIS For Successful Business 2016

The mobile app is drastically playing a major role in businesses with a larger customer-base as well as individuals strongly relying on the convenience of access to on-demand information & solutions. Mobile devices have now become the focal point for any business since they evolved as a hyper operative tool.

The tech influencers have predicted that there will be 5.6 billion smartphones globally by 2019. It should be no surprise, smartphone adoption is reaching the farthest corners of the world and the subsequent influence of enterprise applications enabled by these devices is driving business performance improvement and will continue to do so.

Thus, with the widespread adoption of the technology and businesses looking forward to adopting it for every organizational operation, HR and related departments are no exceptions! More and more workforce management software providers are coming up with their mobile applications. Prior to this, there were a lot of misconceptions regarding data management and security, but the applications are carefully built in the secured environment in an enterprise-ready format. Thus, Mobile HCM is beginning to become the norm in every industry, whether during the hiring and onboarding process or as a regular part of daily work.

These are the reason why an organization must go for Mobile HRIS:

Zero Limitations due to Geographical Locations:

The HR systems stimulate the processes that must be executed and approved on real time basis. Since the companies having geographically distributed workforce and the employees are required to travel extensively, the mobile HRIS systems allow employees to locate their information from wherever and whenever required. It makes employees accessible to the company’s system despite their physical locations.

Data Accessibility:

The Mobile HRIS allows employees to have necessary data in real time and make better-informed judgments faster. Increased data value and awareness also improve the integrity of data. At the most basic level, all mobile HRIS should allow employees to access their own personal information and work schedules from any mobile device which stops accidental no-shows and help managers to avoid spending time distributing schedules and related information.

The Mobile HRIS makes the processes easier and faster than switching on a laptop. The employees can also use the technology to perform some routine tasks in a fraction of the time. On the other hand, if the employer or the administration needs to know about the attrition rates or total headcount or any other information regarding the business, they need not go to the system, log in the account and find the information, they can simply view and manage the data on their smartphones. Another benefit of mobile HRIS that boosts productivity is the reduction or rejection of downtime.

The HR organizations that don’t have a modern HR and talent strategy are missing out on creating real value for the business. Therefore, it is very essential for businesses to keep pace with the changing market trends and demands. Adopting mobile apps for HCM systems will not only help them reduce their administration time and efforts but remain competitive in the dynamic market environments.

The realities speak for themselves, mobile devices and applications are in employees’ daily lives and HR has a great opportunity to increase engagement and productivity of its workers by providing targeted and user-friendly that not only enhance the system and processes but also help them stay updated with varying market trends. Businesses must change to live competitively, and implementing mobile HRIS is an efficient way of staying ahead of the race.