2018 Top must have online tools for management before hiring remote employees

Must have tools if you have remote employees working in your organization

2018 Top must have online tools for management before hiring remote employees

To achieve business goals at fullest the phenomenon of digital nomads and working remotely has increased furiously over past few years. Nowadays we are hearing more about digital nomadism. As an employer, if you want to be part of this trend of digital nomadism and remote working following online tools are must to make your work easier

Significant and Essential: Communication

Communication is the key. Working remotely limits face-to-face contact between employees and employer but we have new ways to be in contact and help the business grow efficiently. A smartphone or a laptop equipped with internet connection allows the team to have Strategic meetings from diverse locations. The software required for such communication is not so cost consuming anymore.  Of course, if we compare virtual communication and face-to-face communication, face-to-face communication are often faster and easier but virtual communication is better than perfect. A virtual or remote communication plays a vital role when there's zero possibility of concerned decision makers to meet before taking some serious decisions.

To be in contact and communicate easily here are some of the tools

2018 Top must have online tools for management before hiring remote employees


Probably the most popular virtual communication for teams. The recent version(Chat in this case) of Slack has proven one of the rebellious steps to achieve and conquer company goals in no time. Slack can successfully be the best alternative to your time-consuming mailbox. Slack is very much time and cost-effective so one should obviously give a try.


Skype is going little out of date today but is still an easy and worth tool for video-conferences and online video-chats. Google Hangouts is also a good platform for the same purpose. One should avoid Facebook chats and groups because they are a bit messy and not that professional.

Following tools make teamwork more efficient and easier: 


Trello is very popular as a task manager because of  appealing and easy-to-the-limits user interface


Asana is very similar in terms of UI to Trello. Asana allows the user to handle multiple projects, hundreds of tasks daily, countless members.


Software programmers choose Jira as their task manager. Jira as a task manager is very efficient for your software development department

G Suite and Office 365

Both this application are popular and perfect and having one of them in the organization is a must. As an employer, you get admin access to all your employees' files in one folder. Even as an employer you have powers  to fully remove any member access to particular files/folder with ease

We Transfer

As the name says this application allows you to transfer big files very easily. You are allowed to transfer 2GB for free of cost.

WiFi Transfer app

This application allows the user to transfer and share files from one device to other through WiFi network(no cable required). If both the device are on the same network you can easily share desired files

How efficient your remote employees are? How time tracking tool helps you

When you outsource the creative job you will find tough to track his time for which you will require a Time-trackers. Time-trackers plays a vital role when your particular employees practice only a few days a month or particular employee requires a lot of onsite trips. For Example- A salesperson who sometimes work in the office or they are out on site for a live product demonstration. Time-trackers allows you to track employees remotely.

As an employer, you should have proper statistics about when and where your company employees start to work. Our existing clients appreciate HRMantra for mobile and GPS tracking of employees. Our HRMS system let an employer know when their employees turned on and off the Time-tracker. Our system allows you to check whether you employee are present at the supposed place? Are they running late behind schedule? Are they allowed to put attendance? HRMantra's mobile app will let you know!

As an employer, you should consider factors while picking up HRMS software for your company:

  • You should make sure the chosen application has a mobile version. This is must in this competitive world
  • Check whether the chosen software allows you to integrate with your existing tools
  • Along with Chatbots and FAQ's human support is a great advantage. A single point of contact should be provided to you if in case you're facing some problem with the application
  • One of the best way to see whether worth to try is read the newest client reviews

We HRMantra are into this business from last 18 years serving around 500 clients in India. We would love to show our product demonstration which will eventually benefit your organization.

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