6 effective HR strategies for companies which demand infinite ROI

HR strategies for better ROI

6 effective HR strategies for companies which demand infinite ROI

Establishing and running a successful business takes a lot of time, efforts, and participation. In many organizations, the costs and expenses are mainly allotted are in recruitment and HR. For every organization, it becomes very difficult to bypass such circumstances. 

With the ample evolution of time and technology, Human Resource Software that boosts and advances HR related processes has become available in today's market. This assist organization to save lots of money and efforts which can be easily used in other aspects of the business to achieve the pre-determined goals. As the famous aphorism goes, ‘Time is Money’; so, time saved by HR technology is directly proportional and comparative to money saved. 

But this query may arise to save time using this Human Resource software, an organization would require a lot of funds initially as well. Which drives companies to think that Human Resource software technology is only for the substantially spacious and vast companies. Actually, this is an ill-advised and flawed ideology and thus needs to be corrected as soon as possible. 

A feature based HR technology product is flexible enough to serve particular features which company wants to evaluate and even pricing incurred also depend on features opt for. To add to this there are HR Software companies providing a Free Demo of their product.  

First of all, to start with there are software companies which specifically target small business. So even the features in this software are completely designed to meet the requirements of small businesses. To add to this there are companies which also provide the free trial period for their software. This allows the small firms to settle with the software and also with the change that the software provides. 

Below are various gains in using Human Resource software technology that can help organizations save valuable time and focus on rather significant activities, such as ‘strategizing for achieving pre-determined goals.' 

6 effective HR strategies for companies which demand infinite ROI

The whole recruitment processes are robotic and automated

When technology and HR processes, the hiring process has been highly automated. A creamy flow integrated HR solution assists in managing recruitment process and even assists to save precious time of organization. With the help of HR software, now you can effortlessly monitor and keep tracking the applications that you have received for approval, create job openings, look into the tedious process of hiring and conceivably transfer the new employees to the payroll. 

The HR software technology can quickly make all these tasks, and hence you can save your precious money, time and participations. In bonus, Human resource management system can assist you to tackle duplication of data and thus the time and efforts that The company can be used in various other Human Resource issues which would require more intervention.


Allows you to look into employee workflows

HR software technology can simply monitor the workflow of the business. It assists the organization to deal with all the important elements that are required to boost their business.

HR technology allows you access the productivity and performance of the employee, review the performance of an employee within the organization, take care of various concerns of an employee in the organization and conveniently track the time and efforts that are spent on a client’s work.


HR software and existing system easily integrates

Many companies assume that their current HR process would be hindered and eventually be discarded if they integrate HR software technology in their organization. But, in reality, the HR software nowadays are fully configurable to company's needs. 

HR software is a great product that helps manage the whole lifecycle of an employee within the organization. The Company will be provided with some great solutions so that your firm can grow over a period of time in future. 


HR tech allows you to monitor the key performance indicator

It is very crucial for an organization to know how their firm is performing at a given moment of time. The organization should be easy to access the data like absence analysis of the employees within organizations, training schedule of employees who are needed, various hiring activities as well as various performance indicators.

Because of HR software, you would come across numerous listing and graphs that are needed by different organizations and clients from time to time. These parameters provide intense information about how the workflow is and how is its growth to achieve goals. By having all these data clients can efficiently and quickly make decisions based on these statistics.


Employee enter their information in HR Software

Another significant way to save time is to make the employees of your organization enter their data into the database of the company. This can be done with the help of HR software. You must make a system where employees can feed the data on their own such that HR departments are free to do some other work. 

Also, HR people can easily track the number of leaves that a particular employee of the organization takes in a month. Gradually, eliminating the search for data in a manual paper based system.


HR Software allows employee referrals can be easily tracked

Nowadays, employee referrals are trending and your organization can efficiently track the referral campaigns with the help of HR software. HR technology easily assists you to follow the source of reference for a particular employee.

In bonus, all the data regarding candidates, referrals, status are available at one place which assists in managing it easily and more efficiently. It can also assist you to save hiring cost and help you hire right candidates at the right place. 

Most referred HR Software

4.6 (56)

Most referred HR Software

4.6 (56)

Free Demo

Nilesh Mistry

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Good HRMantra Payroll Software

Overall good online payroll system. Adequate customer support. Timely resolution of queries by support staff. Leave module is good. Overall good payroll system

Pankaj Pandare

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Best HR Software in the Market!!!

Great software for automation. Companies should opt for HRMantra if they are looking to automate their HR processes as with various reports in any given module no one can go wrong. There are hundreds of report which we can choose from or else we can create our own reports as well. Service provided by operations team is also very time efficient.

Bhakti Sanghvi

Company Size: 51-200 employees

User Friendly & Reliable

Overall a good software for Attendance Tracking. Have not used HR Mantra for Payroll Processing. will recommend to be used for Attendance process. good all time customer support. All queries are resolved on time.

Sunetra Maity

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Best payroll sofware

HR Mantra is the best software, as far as payroll is concerned it is very easy to process, overall it is best software to use and to recommend anybody. They have very good customer supportive team who timely replies to the queries and give the appropriate solutions.


Company Size: 201-500 employees

Its an intutive software

HR Mantra is very user-friendly. I'm still getting familiar with a lot of the features but I have not found anything to this point that is overly challenging or difficult to get understand. I like the way HR and Payroll sync, which eliminates double entry The key reason we've stayed with this system is that it provides automatic calculations of paid time off based on a formula we set up, automatically changing accruals on employee anniversary dates. HR Mantra also allows us to easily calculate PTO that will be earned through the end of the fiscal year since we allow staff to schedule (and generally use) PTO in advance of accrual.

Philip Tayde

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Happy we choosen HRMantra

The interface of HR Mantra is simple and straightforward and does exactly what we need it to do. If a mistake is made it is easy to go back and fix. Such as payroll if a cheque was done incorrectly all you have to do in adjusting the cheque to fix. The terminology used in HR Mantra is also very user-friendly so that non-professionals and users without bookkeeping experience can understand it. The speed of the actual accounting software is fast. I have never worked with a vendor who was so organized and supportive of us reaching our goals. There was never a gap when we needed help--calls and emails HR Mantra always returned promptly.

Anibha Tulsian

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Best Payroll Management Software

Long association with Pankaj & his entire team, wish HR Mantra team All the Best and looking forward for HR Mantra to be one of the Best Techie HR & Payroll Software.

Sunil Kadam

Company Size: 1-10 employees

User Friendly

HRMantra Has interactive and in-depth report designer help us to create a reports in just tip of fingers.


Best part of "HRMantra" is Highly Customized Reports. HR activities are now fully automated. A must use Software.

"HRMantra" has tremendous User Interface. Managing Employee's activities is very easy now with this tool. The most amazing features is Report Generation. It really has very highly customized reports features which has helped us a lot. Appreciate the support too.

Sukhwinder Kaur

Company Size: 201-500 employees

User Friendly HR Mantra

Our employees and HR Team is happy using the system. Few modifications in the systems in terms of accuracy of reports and dashboard will give a competitive advantage over other such software in the industry. Organisation Structure - HR Mantra must work on the Organisation Structure, the current organisation structure do not provide the right information (Can be developed in New Implementation). Dashboards / Reports: HR Mantra can work on the Dashboards / Reports in a way that Salary / CTC can be hidden from various admin owner and be reflected only to some and on the correctness. User Need: System is developed in a way to accommodate the majority needs of any business.


Company Size: 51-200 employees

HR Mantra is a good HRMS

HR Mantra is a good HRMS with good customer support. Team is very supportive and flexible in timelines. Suggest to develop more features and modules for a complete HRMS package.

Miken kansara

Good HR mantra Software

Such a nice software and all module designed very superb. Easy to understand and operate. And HR mantra support team also having a quick response to their clients.

Sadhana Gupta

Company Size:201-500 employees

Very good software

We are using this software for more than 10 years. Its value for money. If anything you require is not there, they hear you out and create the same.Software is very user friendly. Everything is available on it. Suggestions are taken very positively. Good and helpful staff.

Nimit Chokshi

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Happy to have HRMantra

HR Mantra is very user-friendly as we have used only HRIS, Attendance, Leave and Payroll Modules. I'm still getting familiar with a lot of the features but I have not found anything to this point that is difficult to get understand. The interface of HR Mantra is simple and straight forward and does exactly what we need it to do.

Rahul Singh

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Excellent support

Would recommend more features to be added and some module to be updated as per the requirement of customer. Support process to be more simplified and supportive.

Sanjay Anchan

Company Size:1001-5000 employees

HRMantra is Best Software

HR Mantra is the best software, overall it is the best software to use and to recommend anybody. They have a very good customer support team who replies to the queries and give the solutions. We are using Core, HRIS, attendance, leave, pms module in our organization.


Company Size: 51-200 employees

Very Good Software.

We are using this software more than 10 years. This software is really good and very easy to use. Attendance and Leave module has many option to personalize which is helping to fulfill our requirements.


Company Size:201-500 employees

Best Software

HRMantra is amazing software to make your HR single window solution and be tension free to calculate leave and all. "Single line every HR Person have try it."


Company Size:201-500 employees

User friendly Software.

Overall it is excellent software, very easy & handy to use but we are expecting quarterly or half-yearly visits & training, so that it is easy to handle & which will save time because for every small issue we have to keep on calling you. So looking forward to your positive response & thank you for all your support.

Supriya Shetty

Keep up the Good Work.

Best Software

A time-saving software that helps to ease the attendance & salary related task. Good support from the SPOC. Constant Follow up until a raised query is resolved. Easy access to team members. Continue the good work.

Kumar Krishan

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Good HR Mantra Software

Nice Customer support Good teamwork. Using the software since 3+ years. Friendly with user. After using the software we are able to reduce the paperwork by 90% in HR Department. The best part is the customer support.

Sumit Mittal

Company Size:1001-5000 employees

Automation powerfull software

Ease to daily HR operation, Enhance the digitization in employees data, Reduce timing in huge exercise i.e. Monthly payroll, Leave, PMS, Confirmation. Analytics tool to help in employee data management.

Arpita Gurav

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Would definitely recommend HR Mantra to others as well.

Would definitely look forward to work with HR Mantra team if they maintain the consistency of providing good back end support, resolve the queries in time. Right now as an end customer really feel very happy and would definitely recommend HR Mantra to others as well.

Kadam Pravin

Company Size:201-500 employees

User Friendly & Easy to Understand .

Overall Satisfied, enjoying the software.No complain till now, help us to get various reports in no time, Tax Calculation is the best part of the software.

Shweta Vasagadekar

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Overall a good system for Payroll.

Overall a good system for Payroll, still not used the other modules, but soon to implement the same. Good Technical support from Mr. Ajinkya and team, Thanks to Mr. Harish Dhar for introducing such good software.

Reeba Benoy

Company Size:201-500 employees

User friendly & prompt customer service

User-friendly, prompt customer support from the SPOC which we are handling. Its more than one year we are working with them. Mobile app is also good for our site employees.

Bodhisatwa Joarder

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Strong HR Operation System

It is a system which helps HR personnel to work easily. Solutions are ready for every problem. All the supporting stuffs are well mannered and likes to hand hold the customers.

Sunil Kumar

Company Size:1001-5000 employees

HRMantra is a good and user friendly Software.

Being HR of a company I found HRMantra Payroll with all options required by an HR Team in a big organization. It is a useful system and decreases the dependability on huge manpower. The thing of concern is only it should be maintained properly from the Initial stage. Then on times, you need not to think while processing reports for any HR function.

HO Amrit

Company Size:501-1000 employees

payroll processing made easy.

Support is good, software is easy to use, and special thanks to Ms. Sanika & Unnati Maam. Payroll is easy to process and software is configurable according to our requirement, one of the best HRMS software.

Manu Chaturvedi

Company Size:501-1000 employees

HR Mantra is user Friendly & very good software for payroll processing.

HR Mantra is a very good Software for Payroll. Sanika provides us a very good Support for all query. HRIS/ Attendance/Core/Payroll all modules are very good for the HR processing.

Anagha Guha

Company Size:11-50 employees

One of the most user friendly HR software

Easy to customize and use, one of the most user-friendly HR software I have used. All HR processes are mapped and is suitable for small & medium enterprises.