6 key things HR should full proof before heading a long vacation

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6 key things HR should full proof before heading a long vacation

Every manager is been under continuous hit of the leave request avalanches by their team members. Every HR team faces this challenge often - They have to deal with last-minute employee shortages for particular work or appeasing employees whos leave requests are rejected.

Indeed employees from the HR department need to take Holiday breaks for themselves too. So here are some steps you should take so that everything will run smoothly while you are away. As HR following are some of the key stuff to do while you are away enjoying your holiday and able to switch off your phone happily. 

6 key things HR should full proof before heading a long vacation

Try giving plenty of notice to your organization.

Make sure you are giving plenty of notice to your subordinates and your company's management about your long leave. This will make your team contact you well in advance.  If management needs request for HR data or any manager need to change some policy which will affect your payroll then they will contact you well in advance. 

Company Policies

HRs are often bombarded with questions by their employees which are easily answered by showing them the company policies. HRMantra: HR & payroll Software allows you to provide a central portal where all the organization processes and policies can easily be assessed. So as an HR, while you are on vacation enjoying your beer on a poolside, employees with any sort of doubt can easily go through the updated company policies. 

Keep remainders for key tasks

Make sure you and your team are aware of key dates that will fall while you are away on your vacation.  For example - probation periods coming to end? or New people joining in company or Start/Finish of maternity leaves. If your company have an automated HR system which can set up the remainder for such important dates well in advance. 


In this competitive headhunting market, losing good candidates while you are away enjoying vacation will be a great loss for your organization. So while approving Leave application HR should make sure at least one key person responsible for particular hiring should be present in the office. 

Aware and Remind your employees about ESS

If your company have an automated HRMS system it's apparently the best idea to remind your employees about self-service benefits which will help him/her while you are away on vacation. An employee can access company policy or any other important document whenever required. Highly Automated systems like HRMantra: HR & Payroll Software will allow your company employees to enter changes in their phone number or addresses, request leaves or for applying sick leaves. This reminder will let employees do all their stuff by themselves rather than employees overflowing your mailbox at end moments. 

Always have a crises plan ready

There’s an unwritten rule that states the worst generally can happen in a company when the HR is not around. So it's your duty to make a full proof backup plan where In case in absence of you, your employee should know where the should reach - a legal helpline or outsourced HR support or THE CEO