Automate all you HR Processes via HCM software instead of Excel sheets

Time to shift towards HR Software

In every organization, whichever may be the industry every HR force goes through phenomenal repetitive administrative tasks because of which every HR team gets stuck in this repetitive administrative tasks rather than being assisting a better business for the organization. For getting rid off such phenomenal issues one should opt for HRMS Software rather than doing same old manual entries on spreadsheets. There are end number of reasons you shouldn't manage your manpower with basic spreadsheets, here are some:

Time to shift towards HR Software

1) Spreadsheet fails to handle ups and downs and so are not updated

Data managed by HR changes almost invariable: people join and leave, leave is accrued as well as taken,  add dependents, sickness registered, bank details changed, paternity/ maternity, updating of skills and qualifications, complete performance management and review etc. And it's almost futile to make sure the new information is entered into the designated spreadsheet instantly especially when the alike information needs to be present in more than one spreadsheet.

Opting HRMS software you get a self-service section where employees are able to fill in their own personal information which is then conquered to line managers or HR for authorization. It's effective, convenient,  and secure. If you acquire Cloud based system, your data are updated in real time, your Human Resource data is always easily accessible.

2) Manual spreadsheet is time-consuming and make you stagnant.

Every department slows down. Maintaining spreadsheets not only include old manual entries but also rechecking of information take too much of time. Even answering and reporting queries related to employee takes much time.

Management expects HR to deliver more output than ever before, so acquiring a full proof HRMS Software is much effective and fast. An HRMS Software can generate reports in seconds as all reports are just one click away. Administrator and Managers can assist themselves to data about their teams or department. Employees are given access to update their personal information in HRMS Software hence lowering burden of HR department.

Spreadsheets are meant only to swamp up with data entry, they don't support HR processes. FurtherF spreadsheets take hell lot of time to process any HR activity. A spreadsheet won,t tell you when a sick note is outstanding, a start day of a new employee, training which are needed to be renewed mandatory after certain period, expiry date of a visa , or any other important tasks or duties you need to keep track on top of to ensure organization compliance and keep your business running smoothly. spreadsheets won't push supervisors or managers to complete performance reviews, authorize timesheets or sign off requests for holidays.

3) Privacy with spreadsheets is a myth

In most of the organization, HR is given charge of some of the organization,s most delicate and hypersensitive information. Forwarding HR spreadsheets back and forth between co-workers, or between gadgets, can leave sensitive data at risk or exposure may'be it's been password shielded and defined to specific people. Since we aren't able to restrict the viewing within the spreadsheet, data can often get overshared. There is always risk of oversharing  as we are unable to restrict the viewing within the spreadsheet

We HRMantra, assure your Human Resource information is secured by highly advanced security, with user approval based customizable roles within your company. So, everyone sees the data they need, and nothing that they are not allowed to.

4) Spreadsheets are meant to make errors

The research made by Salesforce, "About 88% of all spreadsheets have an important and serious flaw in them. Even the most precisely crafted spreadsheets contain glitch in 1% or more of formula cells." No matter how expert you are with spreadsheets-could unwittingly delete a cell or key data into the wrong place. We do double check our data, but the chance of human error is way to high

Human resource systems take care of the business logic and often assist validate the information too, so you won't need to anguish about getting the maths right or entering information in the wrong fields.

HRManta automates processes smoothly and sends reminders and alerts about tasks and important duties that need to be accomplished to the right people, at the right time. Unnecessary administrative tasks should be cut downed so that you can focus on important business strategy.