Blacklisted by your employer? These are 3 main reasons behind it

Know why your ex-employer have blacklisted you?

Blacklisted by your employer? These are 3 main reasons behind it

Want to know how to act when you get on your employer's bad side? Though there are innumerable ways to screw up your opportunities to get a new job. But the reason for losing new opportunities is because you have been blacklisted by your former/existing employer. If employers blacklist you, he will recommend other organization from the same industry to not hire you ever in future and refrain you to get hired. So, in short, your candidature is not considered for any job positions.

These are main 3 reasons behind your employer blacklisting you

False Personality / Dishonest to job

Being dishonest will blacklist you in every aspect of your life and this affects greatly while searching for a job. Dishonesty can range from simple fantasies to out-and-out falsifications. Dishonesty can be easily tracked down on employment materials like CV. Many a times candidates strain the truth when it comes to their education or past work experiences. This dishonesty can be easily tracked by the employer either before or after you're hired. Be rest assured that dishonesty is a surefire way to get yourself fired.

Solution: Very Simple - be honest to your job. Don't Lie. Never stretch the truth. Be honest with the employer regarding your past work experience, your job roles, your educational qualifications and nothing more

Unethical/Unprofessional attitude towards work

This is very important aspect towards your job. There are many ways employer can find you unprofessional but mainly the track your in-person presence or online presence. If you use an unsuitable expression on your public social media profiles or show up for a face to face interview in a bad attire or bad reference from your previous boss to your new employer, beware - you could seriously get blacklisted.

Solution: Simple and Straight - Be Professional. Always dress nicely in a suit for an interview. Keep your online image clean or at least try to reconsider your privacy settings, always stay work-appropriate topics both in-person and online.  And very importantly be professional and courteously with your employer and everyone in the organization.

Negligent attitude towards work

Being inattentive or distracted shows employers that you lack attention to detail in work or have an incapability to follow directions – 2 blacklist-worthy attributes in an employee. Candidates who have grammar and  spelling mistakes on their CV or other job application materials; failing to follow proper application guidance; missing deadlines, or are late to interviews are assuredly careless, and an employer will notice all these attributes

Solution: Take time before you submit your application to proofread. Double-check the guidance for application, and try to keep best you deadlines or the time of your interview. Every Employer expects their employee giving attention to detail.

 How to act when you've been blacklisted

  1. Reach out to the organization and request an in-person discussion with your employer

  2. Ask for helpful feedback about what went wrong while your work tenure and what could be done to correct the mistake done knowingly/unknowingly

  3. Be amenable to affirm the advice of the person in your existing or former who’s blacklisted you

  4. Follow through with the employer to take things forward in the best way.


Always remember: be polite and professional with your existing as well as the former employer, and don't burn your bridges.