Key HR skills for the year 2019

This set of skill will help you to grow this year.

Key HR skills for the year 2019 | HRMantra

The HR team is usually occupied directing everyone else plan their career and sometimes be less focused to manage their own careers. In this automated and digitalized world, there will be significant changes in the year 2019. One thing to point out, In this unpredictable and fast-moving environment it's difficult to foretell Human Resource roles and responsibilities in near future.

HR Professionals, however, have to worry about the advancements in technology of robots, AI unquestionably is making a vast difference to a way HR processes and task are managed but yes the future of HR will still remain HUMAN.

This is the 5 key skills which HR professionals should have to stand out for the year 2019

Key HR skills for the year 2019 | HRMantra

Circumstantial Decision making

The HR department has to handle many tricky circumstances in the organization, ranging right from Bullying at the workplace or conflict between warring employees or Sensitive employee health issue till Sexual harassment at the workplace. All these issues often don't have easy solutions. Facing such an issue with a calm mind to make the right decision is a key skill.

Monetary awareness

The HR department is often accused though many times unfair of lacking the proper understanding of firms business models and about the reputational and risk when running a business. HR department is most thriving practitioners having in-depth of how the organization creates value in the market.

Critical thinking

For the future world of work thinking critical is one of the significant skill according to the report generated by the World Economic Forum. HR needs to develop an audacity to question or challenge is necessary while taking business decisions. This skill is about accurately analyzing and evaluate the intended strategies and coming up with proper insights.

Digitally Literate

Along with other functions in an organization, the HR department is also acknowledging to raise their game in the digital HR world. This is not just adopting the of HR software in an organization to automate key HR processes and reduce the admin work. As an HR, one should learn how to exploit data which will support your management for better decision making related to workforce planning till the recruitment and employee engagement.

Executing Ethical Dilemmas

Recent headlines clearly show how difficult is to handle organizational ethical dilemmas. In 2018 alone we have same through cases like money laundering, environmental and whistleblowing scandals. In such situations, HR should develop skills which created a culture within the organization where employees are able to speak about inappropriate behavior within the organization without any morose outcomes.

Apart from this 5 skills be open to any strategies - and say yes. Peter Drucker, The Management guru once said these wise words, "The best way to predict the future is to create it."