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Depression is caused due to dollar dependency

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For thousands of years, gold was the global reserve currency. But mining gold not only damages the environment but transporting & storing it is also a headache and hoarding it did not give any interest income for a long time. After the 2nd world war, the USA became a superpower and since it had 75% of the world's monetary gold and had pegged 35 US$ to 1 ounce of gold; countries naturally started trading mostly in US$ making it the de-facto reserve currency of the world. Investment in US Treasury bonds also gave decent 6-7% returns for many years but this new financial world order started falling apart from Aug 1971; when the US President Richard Nixon severed the direct convertibility of US$s into gold.

What is the Real Problem?

Governments world over, print fiat currencies (i.e. without having any intrinsic value backed by gold) leading to a situation where many of these currencies become worthless causing hyperinflation and enormous sufferings. We have seen this happen in 56 countries including Zimbabwe, Greece, Venezuela, China, Hungary, Argentina, Peru, Yugoslavia, Germany, France, Nicaragua, etc. The world cannot take any further refuge in the US$s because the American Government is printing $s like never before. Coronavirus Pandemic will be the needle that will soon prick this unsustainable bubble and we are about to witness times worse than the Great Depression of 1929. 

The world has got addicted to the US$s and the Americans are more than happy to keep supplying endless amounts of it to keep getting goods for doing nothing. It takes just 20 cents to print a US$ 100 bill and they will want to keep the party going on forever and the world will keep sinking deeper and deeper into the US$ black hole. Even if the Americans do not work; they can keep living the life of kings whereas the entire world becomes paupers by working harder and harder subsidizing the rich American lifestyles. China is planning to back Yuan with gold but why should the world now trust China; having suffered by making the US the spoilt brat? Bitcoin is another fiat currency that no government will ever allow to become legal as they cannot get taxes from it nor do they have the right to issue it. Going back to gold is like going back 5,000 years in which a country that has more gold becomes more powerful. Gold (& silver) is just a rare piece of shiny metal in which any money pumped is money sucked out from the financial markets leading to no value creation. Euro was a good idea but issued physically & narrow in its geographic appeal with complicated & difficult criteria for European countries to opt for it.

Short term stimulus is like applying a balm when one is suffering from cancer-what is required is chemotherapy & surgery. When a building becomes old and rickety, you cannot keep propping it with bamboo for long-it will fall; crushing all residents staying in it. When a hard disk gets corrupted; we have to format it. When the technology used to create a program becomes obsolete; patchwork will not help it for long-you need to build a new code from scratch using the latest technologies. It is time to bell the cat. The huge crisis we are faced with right now; deserves a complete overhaul-a complete out of the box idea to avoid the impending death spiral. All countries are fighting currency wars and bleeding to death in this red ocean. The system is completely broken. So, what is the way out of this cascading free fall? Should we just wait for the situation to get completely out of control and stare at a decade of global meltdown? This depression is caused due to dollar dependency. 

How do we solve this 4D riddle?

Well, after thinking for many years, I have come out with a simple solution that is very easy to understand & implement.

Whenever a company wants a loan, the banks interested in giving it checks its credit rating, and carefully verifies the last 2-3 years audited Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss, Debt Equity Ratio, etc and then decides what maximum amount of credit can be given to that company lest they go bankrupt and take the bank down with it. A country is similar to a company and must run it responsibly keeping its debt & expenses in control. A country's Gross Domestic Product is the total value of the goods & services produced by it in a year. Banks & Rating agencies can audit its GDP figures for the last 2 to 5 years.  So all the countries of the world must come together (with 1 single equal vote for each country) to form a Single Global Digital Currency Bank (called a GDC Bank) and float a single universal digital currency called GDC. Only the GDC Bank will have the right to decide how much GDCs can be created; how much of it to be given to each country and maintain all countries' digital ledgers transparently online for all other countries to see. Each country's central bank can then decide how much of GDCs to be transferred into each citizen's bank account. The GDCs will be created simultaneously together by all the countries through 1 rep from every country doing these activities impartially online just like the non-profit body can maintains the internet system running smoothly globally. No country big or small will suffer any loss. 

Countries with higher GDPs will get more GDCs. Each & every country will get the same percentage of GDC as its verified GDP total is for the last 2 years or more ( the actual number of years will be decided by the GDC Bank) such that there is no GDC shortage for day to day transactions. Every year if the country's GDP increases, the GDC Bank will verify it and accordingly add the GDC amount but if the GDP goes negative then no additional GDC will be given to it. No country will be allowed to create any GDCs. 1 GDC value should be so less (maybe 5 GDCs could be valued @ 1 Yen) so that the poorest of the poor can buy the cheapest of things in their country without any difficulty. In case initially, it is decided by the GDC Bank that 3 years GDP total will be taken as the GDC total to be given to each country and later on that figure is found to be insufficient and 5 years GDP total has to be taken-it will have to take earlier years GDP figure rather than of the future as the past figures cannot be manipulated. 

No country can be refused to become a member of the GDC Bank. Just because any country has printed much more of its current currency or taken much more debt than its GDP; does not mean that it will be eligible to get more GDCs. For a country  if the total value of 3 years GDP is US$ 1 Trillion but the total value of currencies that they have issued which is currently circulating in the market is US$ 3 Trillion then also they will get US$ 1 Trillion worth GDCs. The GDP of each country will be the intrinsic value on which it will get GDCs-i.e. the GDP will be the new gold standard. So there will be a healthy race between nations to rapidly grow their real economies through real production. All countries' 5 year GDP calculations will have to be done by the GDC Bank whether they want to join it or not immediately so that the base currency conversion calculation rate is set. Whichever country joins later on; their cut-off base date will still remain as what was initially agreed upon date. 

31st Dec 2018 or 31st March 2019 could be taken as the cut-off base date so that no country once it understands this system can get more GDCs by cooking their as yet unaudited book of accounts. The United Nations, the World Bank & the IMF expertise & experience can be utilized to help in these efforts initially but these bodies cannot be fully trusted to do an impartial work as a few developed countries have more shareholding and veto powers in these institutions. GDC Bank should utilize the technology behind digital currencies like crypto and blockchain so that all transactions can be traced and there is no financial fraud. 4G or 5G, Face recognition, and voice authentication will enable cashless online transactions for everyone even without a mobile phone in a few seconds. As of today, 5.2 Billion people have smartphones but by 2023 over 7.3 Billion people will be possessing 1 and if this GDC takes off fast then the smartphone adoption acceleration will be even faster. Only kids below the age of 10 may be left without a smartphone by then, but their parents can do monetary transactions for them as is now.  

Even if 50 countries adopt the GDC to start with; and start transactions in GDCs rather than the US$, I am pretty sure that within 2 to 3 years, most of the other countries will soon follow. Only the top 10% countries like the USA, China, Eurozone, UK, Switzerland, etc may resist initially or criticize saying it is an impractical idea but sooner or later they will also have to toe the line once  90% of the world has come together to completely switch to GDCs. The GDC Bank can be formed within 2 years and in another 3 years, the entire world can adopt it. Only countries that will suffer a downturn for a short time will be those who have printed money much more than their GDP figure (i.e. countries living beyond their means) but over a long period of time, every country will benefit. It is a fair, transparent & unbiased system in which every country will be forced to come out with sensible economic policies. The world moved from barter to gold to paper & now it is time to move to a single universal digital currency. Just as air, water & internet flows seamlessly across borders similarly GDC will enable faster & smoother trade between nations making all nations wealthy & avoid colossal wastage of time.

Our Humble Request

Please support this petition by forwarding it to your country's President, Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and the Central Bank Governor, Media Houses, Economists, and Key Influencers globally many of whose email ids are attached herewith. Forward this message to them & everyone you know in all ways you can i.e. by forwarding to all your Whatsapp contacts list, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, various Media channels, websites, Google, calling up, etc so that all 8 billion people read or view it & support it and build a mass movement petition to their Governments to opt for it fast and they do not ignore, dilly dally or dismiss it cynically.  When 8 Billion people speak together desiring a better future; then all countries' governments will have no option but to listen to the wishes of their people. You- yes you the viewer have the power to stop the world economic collapse by forwarding it to a minimum of 100 people and these 100 people, in turn, forward it to the next 100 people. The time bomb is ticking very fast and time for half-baked half-hearted solutions is over as we have reached a point of no return. 

Please Forward. Support. Like. Share.

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Most referred HR Software

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Prathamesh Dalvi

Company Size: 5001-10,000 employees

HR Mantra Software - User Friendly ERP

Overall Great Experience. Support engineer is supportive all the time. Great UI with GIFs running in background. Using Attendance and Travel module from last 6 months in smooth.

Dhaval Patel

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Best HRMantra-Services

We are using this software since last year, and happy with the services we have received since binning. Customer support is also friendly and ready to support whenever it's required.

Savitha Naik

Company Size: 5001-10,000 employees

Good HRIS Software

The software is very User friendly. All the Reports can be extracted easily in less time. All the necessary employee information is available upon entry. Error frequency is less.


Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

The system is very user friendly.

The system is very user friendly. Facilitates easy salary process and attendance management and allows multiple different settings as per location, employee category, etc. It also generates multiple reports in relation to employee data that facilitates in data analysis and estimations.

Amol Deore

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Good to use for online HRMS

Good software, customized as per the requirement. Even the reports can be customized as per the requirement. All attendance and Payroll processes are online. One click salary processing makes calculations speedy and easy. Just need support 24*7 for all queries.

Vishakha Fouzdar

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Good Experience

Very Good. It has been more than 2 years we are using this Software and we are given full support by the Backend team always. We expect the same in future.


Company Size: 11-50 employees

The software is good & user support is very good.

The software is good & user support is very good. Bcoz of user supports we are running this software. We appreciate your support and also ensure bcoz of support the user can use this.

Mahesh Patil

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Best attendance management system for our company.

They have various inbuilt work-flows which make the processing easier. The attendance module is very easy to handle & the application is designed in such a way that the employees don’t need to record their daily attendance as everything is automated and recorded on real time basis by the software.

Rinky Debnath

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Helping Hand for HRs

I have been using this software for more than a year, Helpful in tracking attendance data across branches. The easy process in Payroll has good updated features for HR activities.

Mihir Gosalia

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Good Customer support

Good customer support, User-Friendly, Ease of support, I have been using hrmantra from past 1 year and experience till now is good. Although sometimes there are delays in resolving things but that can be ignored if they get solved.

Dushant Mundey

Company Size: 201-500 employees

User Friendly

HR Mantra Software is easy to use and saves lots of time. Helps to generate reports quickly with minimal errors. HR Mantra Support team is helpful with resolving the queries promptly.

Neha Sharma

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Try to make software more user friendly so that employees can access without any HR help, need new kinds of reports. We want a report where in we can find out total working hour from the login time in excel (This particular facility is not available as of now and I have to manually check).

Mridul Das

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Best HR Mantra Software

We are using for HR Mantra the last 10+ years. We are happy with the software as this is very user friendly as well as the features. Overall Good.

Madhuri Hendu

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Helpful, Time Saving, knowledgeable software

Helpful, Time Saving, knowledgeable software looking forward for more good experience. It has simplified our work, we can reach our employees database within a click of a button.


Company Size: 201-500 employees

HR Mantra

Good for medium and Smaller companies. Has almost all modules to complete HR & Admin related tasks Please make the UI more intuitive and the engine more robust with more report building options.

Reena Jadhav

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Customer Support team is very helpful

Customer Support team is very helpful, always supported as an when support is required. Special thanks to Sareena and Jigar. Can improvise more in configuration as an when companies requirement.

Jagdev Bhatt

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Overall Good Application For HR Functions.

Overall good application for HR functions. We are using it for last 2.5 years and currently effectively functioning as per our requirements. Few modules like lms, travel & staffing are under testing phase, hope these will also function like payroll, hris & pms modules.

Pravin Chavan

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Very good Attendance & payroll module.

Nice software to use. Attendance module are very good long with payroll module. Team is very supportive and solve query on urgent basis.Overall good experience using HR mantra.

shilpa shinde

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Good Experience using HRMantra

HRmantra is very much user-friendly, it is highly convenient, Hrmantra consists of all the modules which are very much useful for HRs working. Good support, queries are handled very well by their support team. HRmantra is configurable as per the clients Requirement.

Abhishek Jadhav

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Worth to take, easy to use software.

Worth to take, it is easy to use, good customer support from the team, I personally appreciate the easy use of TDS module. They make continues changes as per requirements.

H Aris H Gupta

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Easy to use software

HRMantra software is easy to use for thousand employees, its function working very fast & smoothly. Features are very attractive and easy to share and communicate.

Amit Gawade

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

One of best HRMS Software

HRMantra gives the power to exploit our data as your required format. Manage your data, user-friendly application, mobile app support, great supportive team.

Ranjith KR

Company Size: 201-500 employees

The Best of HR Mantra software

HRMantra helped me in reducing the tension and stress! I am rating this because I love it! Sharing is caring for others. If others are benefited one day it will benefit us which is the law of nature.

Shweta Vasagadekar

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Easy to use software

User-Friendly Can be customized as per the requirements, good for payroll process. Still, many things need to be upgraded, but I am sure it will take a positive note for the same.

Sneha S

Company Size: 51-200 employees

HR Mantra is very nice product

Fairly good experience with HR Mantra since the past 3-4 years.

Satish Patil

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Happy to choose HRMantra

We are using Payroll, And easy to support many features available user-friendly software many functions available Many reports are an available supportive team.

Sobhan Choudhury

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

HR Mantra Survey

HRMantra is a employee friendly system, which allows both the User as well as the administrator to use its features to the fullest. The Customer Service is great and the team handling the clients are simply outstanding. They have a clear understanding about the requirements and helps them enabling into effect.

Sidharth Jain

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Delightful Experience

Happy to choose HRMantra! Managing Employees activities is very easy now with this software. Complete employee Data Management. Master settings are easy to update in the system. Provides multiple reports with accurate data.

Chetan Kumar

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Best HRMantra payroll software

Overall HRMantra is a Good Payroll Package with user-friendly features in it. Good software to deal HR & Admin related issues with all automation features.

Krishan Kumar

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Good software

Good Software to deal HR issues. Lots of processes can be atomized through this.

Chetan Kumar

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

HR MANTRA Payroll Package

We have been using this payroll package for more than a year, our overall rating on this payroll package is average & talking about customer support for clients on this package is excellent.

Mahendra N

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Good Product

It is very useful for Payroll management, New Module, HRIS Module, Attendance for daily reports and very useful for Par roll and easy to get every employee details along with leave modules.

Marishankar Balakrishnan

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Easy to use software

Overall decent software, we have been using this since 2014, though we use limited features in HRMantra as per our requirement such as Confirmation, Leave Management there is a smooth flow of the process, we rarely encounter with the system error, if any are immediately resolved by the system support team.

Chandu Pandey

Company Size: 1-10 employees


Awesome Product, Will suggest other to try it, Using product on trial basis but like good

Avijit Goswami

Company Size: 51-200 employees

One of the best product for HR automation.

We highly recommend this product to other companies also as other Posco branches are also using this product.

Kumar Krishan

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

HR Mantra is best HR & Payroll software system

We have been using HRMantra for quite a long time now and we trying to do our best to automate as many HR & payroll processes as possible. We have been giving the best of services to you and so I personally need a small favour from you. We have listed our HRMantra software page in a website called which has become very famous for recommending software in India. If you put in some good words about HRMantra on it then it may help us earn some clients which in turn will help us give you better service and product. I sincerely request you to invest just 5 minutes of your time to write 3-4 lines about HRMantra.

Pranay Gupta

The best product and support system

Things like payroll, managing salary slip, employee track records, employers financial records, maintaining the track sheet of the project, attendance, leaves and other many management based tasks are certainly not so easy. Giving this whole responsibility to a Human resource manager and expecting it all done is not possible until you provide them with some good way to automate and maintain the asks. HRMantra is a user-friendly HRMS, and hence I found it perfect to be implemented in my company. It is a domain and employee-centric option that has helped my company in many ways. It has so far offers the best product and support system.

Janki sasthi

Remove all the manual work and get automated entire firm

When it comes to performing the duties of an HR you need to understand the fact that it is not an easy job. Of course, from my past experience and the way I am working today, I am proud to say I have walked miles. But again to handle a big number of employees in a company you need to come up with new solutions each time. HRMantra: HR & Payroll software has helped me a lot to come up with new ideas, better management solution and offers the best employee-centric project that has benefited not only the employees but the entire company as well.

Mahesh Sawant

Best software for Salary processing so far

We have been using HRMantra Software for more than 8 years. HRMantra Software is very flexible as far as the configuration is concerned. It is very well conceptualized, designed and developed. Since it is highly configurable it can be suited to any company for HR and payroll solution

Vishal Sabnis

An integrated HR tool

HR Mantra is an integrated tool for human resource management, its features in payroll management and training are really good.The report formats are useful for analytical calculations. Team support is good as well.

Lohith SJ


We have been using HRMantra since 2015. The primary reason for us to use HRMantra was centralization & automation of all HR processes across all our Group companies and HRMantra has successfully helped us achieve the intended objectives. The entire transition to the new system was managed seamlessly with the support team of HRMantra and the project was executed as per our required schedule. The development team is very co-operative & are always on their toes to resolve any issues in the shortest possible time. With the full implementation of HRMantra, our overall total time taken for monthly payroll & attendance processing has shrunk from the earlier 7-8 days to just 2 days (max 3). We are very happy with their enthusiasm & zeal for constantly innovating their software with new features. We look forward to the continued commitment & support for developing many more new user experiences.

Nilesh Mistry

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Good HRMantra Payroll Software

Overall good online payroll system. Adequate customer support. Timely resolution of queries by support staff. Leave module is good. Overall good payroll system

Pankaj Pandare

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Best HR Software in the Market!!!

Great software for automation. Companies should opt for HRMantra if they are looking to automate their HR processes as with various reports in any given module no one can go wrong. There are hundreds of report which we can choose from or else we can create our own reports as well. Service provided by operations team is also very time efficient.

Bhakti Sanghvi

Company Size: 51-200 employees

User Friendly & Reliable

Overall a good software for Attendance Tracking. Have not used HR Mantra for Payroll Processing. will recommend to be used for Attendance process. good all time customer support. All queries are resolved on time.

Sunetra Maity

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Best payroll sofware

HR Mantra is the best software, as far as payroll is concerned it is very easy to process, overall it is best software to use and to recommend anybody. They have very good customer supportive team who timely replies to the queries and give the appropriate solutions.


Company Size: 201-500 employees

Its an intutive software

HR Mantra is very user-friendly. I'm still getting familiar with a lot of the features but I have not found anything to this point that is overly challenging or difficult to get understand. I like the way HR and Payroll sync, which eliminates double entry The key reason we've stayed with this system is that it provides automatic calculations of paid time off based on a formula we set up, automatically changing accruals on employee anniversary dates. HR Mantra also allows us to easily calculate PTO that will be earned through the end of the fiscal year since we allow staff to schedule (and generally use) PTO in advance of accrual.

Philip Tayde

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Happy we choosen HRMantra

The interface of HR Mantra is simple and straightforward and does exactly what we need it to do. If a mistake is made it is easy to go back and fix. Such as payroll if a cheque was done incorrectly all you have to do in adjusting the cheque to fix. The terminology used in HR Mantra is also very user-friendly so that non-professionals and users without bookkeeping experience can understand it. The speed of the actual accounting software is fast. I have never worked with a vendor who was so organized and supportive of us reaching our goals. There was never a gap when we needed help--calls and emails HR Mantra always returned promptly.

Anibha Tulsian

Company Size: 1-200 employees

Best Payroll Management Software

Long association with Pankaj & his entire team, wish HR Mantra team All the Best and looking forward for HR Mantra to be one of the Best Techie HR & Payroll Software.

Sunil Kadam

Company Size: 1-500 employees

User Friendly

HRMantra Has interactive and in-depth report designer help us to create a reports in just tip of fingers.


Best part of "HRMantra" is Highly Customized Reports. HR activities are now fully automated. A must use Software.

"HRMantra" has tremendous User Interface. Managing Employee's activities is very easy now with this tool. The most amazing features is Report Generation. It really has very highly customized reports features which has helped us a lot. Appreciate the support too.

Sukhwinder Kaur

Company Size: 201-500 employees

User Friendly HR Mantra

Our employees and HR Team is happy using the system. Few modifications in the systems in terms of accuracy of reports and dashboard will give a competitive advantage over other such software in the industry. Organisation Structure - HR Mantra must work on the Organisation Structure, the current organisation structure do not provide the right information (Can be developed in New Implementation). Dashboards / Reports: HR Mantra can work on the Dashboards / Reports in a way that Salary / CTC can be hidden from various admin owner and be reflected only to some and on the correctness. User Need: System is developed in a way to accommodate the majority needs of any business.


Company Size: 51-200 employees

HR Mantra is a good HRMS

HR Mantra is a good HRMS with good customer support. Team is very supportive and flexible in timelines. Suggest to develop more features and modules for a complete HRMS package.

Miken kansara

Good HR mantra Software

Such a nice software and all module designed very superb. Easy to understand and operate. And HR mantra support team also having a quick response to their clients.

Sadhana Gupta

Company Size:201-500 employees

Very good software

We are using this software for more than 10 years. Its value for money. If anything you require is not there, they hear you out and create the same.Software is very user friendly. Everything is available on it. Suggestions are taken very positively. Good and helpful staff.

Nimit Chokshi

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Happy to have HRMantra

HR Mantra is very user-friendly as we have used only HRIS, Attendance, Leave and Payroll Modules. I'm still getting familiar with a lot of the features but I have not found anything to this point that is difficult to get understand. The interface of HR Mantra is simple and straight forward and does exactly what we need it to do.

Rahul Singh

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Excellent support

Would recommend more features to be added and some module to be updated as per the requirement of customer. Support process to be more simplified and supportive.

Sanjay Anchan

Company Size:1001-5000 employees

HRMantra is Best Software

HR Mantra is the best software, overall it is the best software to use and to recommend anybody. They have a very good customer support team who replies to the queries and give the solutions. We are using Core, HRIS, attendance, leave, pms module in our organization.


Company Size: 51-200 employees

Very Good Software.

We are using this software more than 10 years. This software is really good and very easy to use. Attendance and Leave module has many option to personalize which is helping to fulfill our requirements.


Company Size:201-500 employees

Best Software

HRMantra is amazing software to make your HR single window solution and be tension free to calculate leave and all. "Single line every HR Person have try it."


Company Size:201-500 employees

User friendly Software.

Overall it is excellent software, very easy & handy to use but we are expecting quarterly or half-yearly visits & training, so that it is easy to handle & which will save time because for every small issue we have to keep on calling you. So looking forward to your positive response & thank you for all your support.

Supriya Shetty

Keep up the Good Work.

Best Software

A time-saving software that helps to ease the attendance & salary related task. Good support from the SPOC. Constant Follow up until a raised query is resolved. Easy access to team members. Continue the good work.

Kumar Krishan

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Good HR Mantra Software

Nice Customer support Good teamwork. Using the software since 3+ years. Friendly with user. After using the software we are able to reduce the paperwork by 90% in HR Department. The best part is the customer support.

Sumit Mittal

Company Size:1001-5000 employees

Automation powerfull software

Ease to daily HR operation, Enhance the digitization in employees data, Reduce timing in huge exercise i.e. Monthly payroll, Leave, PMS, Confirmation. Analytics tool to help in employee data management.

Arpita Gurav

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Would definitely recommend HR Mantra to others as well.

Would definitely look forward to work with HR Mantra team if they maintain the consistency of providing good back end support, resolve the queries in time. Right now as an end customer really feel very happy and would definitely recommend HR Mantra to others as well.

Kadam Pravin

Company Size:201-500 employees

User Friendly & Easy to Understand .

Overall Satisfied, enjoying the software.No complain till now, help us to get various reports in no time, Tax Calculation is the best part of the software.

Shweta Vasagadekar

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Overall a good system for Payroll.

Overall a good system for Payroll, still not used the other modules, but soon to implement the same. Good Technical support from Mr. Ajinkya and team, Thanks to Mr. Harish Dhar for introducing such good software.

Reeba Benoy

Company Size:201-500 employees

User friendly & prompt customer service

User-friendly, prompt customer support from the SPOC which we are handling. Its more than one year we are working with them. Mobile app is also good for our site employees.

Bodhisatwa Joarder

Company Size:501-1000 employees

Strong HR Operation System

It is a system which helps HR personnel to work easily. Solutions are ready for every problem. All the supporting stuffs are well mannered and likes to hand hold the customers.

Sunil Kumar

Company Size:1001-5000 employees

HRMantra is a good and user friendly Software.

Being HR of a company I found HRMantra Payroll with all options required by an HR Team in a big organization. It is a useful system and decreases the dependability on huge manpower. The thing of concern is only it should be maintained properly from the Initial stage. Then on times, you need not to think while processing reports for any HR function.

HO Amrit

Company Size:501-1000 employees

payroll processing made easy.

Support is good, software is easy to use, and special thanks to Ms. Sanika & Unnati Maam. Payroll is easy to process and software is configurable according to our requirement, one of the best HRMS software.

Manu Chaturvedi

Company Size:501-1000 employees

HR Mantra is user Friendly & very good software for payroll processing.

HR Mantra is a very good Software for Payroll. Sanika provides us a very good Support for all query. HRIS/ Attendance/Core/Payroll all modules are very good for the HR processing.

Anagha Guha

Company Size:11-50 employees

One of the most user friendly HR software

Easy to customize and use, one of the most user-friendly HR software I have used. All HR processes are mapped and is suitable for small & medium enterprises.