The uncompromised addictive reason to love a Powerful HR Software 2017

The Best 5 reasons that will resist you not switching from a great HCM software

Later from this decade, we all be in no doubt the robots are coming and successfully replacing the manpower. Recent study reports, 'intermediate class' and jobs with middle-income are at great risk of technology taking over them. According to Expert predictions, about 30% of jobs could be automated by the year 2027

Many of us will be more than pleased to know HR isn't on a list of the job roles which are at risk to be replaced by robots. Though there is very much need of human element in HR, the businesses have gained much ROI by acquiring the sophisticated HR technology as support

With an ability to hand over a magic stick to HR department, below is some reason you should opt for HRMantra!

 Powerful HR Software 2017

1.Proper HRMS benefits with good employee communication

Because of technology, many employees are no longer forced to a 9-5, desk-based profession. Increasing numbers are working flexibly or casually and using their tablets or mobiles to access data and keep in touch.

The mobile app is the beauty of the latest HR technology which allows employees to check annual leave entitlement, update their personal details. Even employees have access to their benefits while on the move. HR technology is much expected by Generation Y employees because they are frankly amazed if they join an organization just to find they are expected to go through a loquacious manual process to book a vacation.


2.You get more time for strategy which you deserve

There are very fewer HR people who would like to spend days to process annual leave application or any other HR processes manually. Or, hunting down employees who may have been sick and haven't filled in their necessary forms. The HR technology allows HR to concentrate on value-adding activities rather than other mind-numbing manual HR processes. For obvious reason, less paperwork adds up more time which HR can spend on strategy and other frontline activities to support the business and assist managers to get best out of their subordinates


3. A more rapid workforce

In an increasingly aggressive and competitive environment, organization needs can change almost meteorically. New technology rattle the market and the business suddenly finds itself in need of manpower with new skills. Strong competition forces the organization to find ways of comprehending itself. Priorities and goals shift dramatically.

Acquiring HR technology, the organization has immediate access to the data and information needed to act fast in this rapid world. Senior Managers can see, for example, what clout and skills are available in the firm and where the chasm and crack lie. They can look at manpower resources associated with a current project and make an informed decision about whether to rearrange internal talent or bring in external savvy or expertise.

The power and authority to shift direction fast and rapidly can be the contrast between success and failure - and if HR is supporting that rapid and agile change, it stands to gain huge applause in the organization.


4. Keeps you updated with analytics and metrics 

An HRMS software is a source of important and valuable information.

Information about latest headcount and monthly salary bill to the cost of sickness absence and the cost allocation needed over the next quarter for essential training are just a few clicks away after acquiring a latest HRMS Software.


The software provides authentic and real-time data which assist an organization to ensure it adheres with legislation and can provide the important data if it finds itself faced with an employment tribunal justice. In today's fast-moving world if seniors manager have the detailed information on their tip of their hand allows them to take the immediate business decision.


5.      Gives us the power to spot trends

Automated  HRMS systems can provide an aerial view of what's happening in the organizations and pick out hidden and potential hot-spots within the organization. Daily reports on absence levels, for example, the system allows HR to notice a particularly high level in one department. Thus HR now have a close look at stress levels or management style in that department.

Equally, increasing manpower turnover stats may indicate that the organization has an issue with manpower engagement, or could be losing key employees to a competitor. If HR department is armed with every data and information and an early warning, they can take necessary action to ensure there is no deep-rooted business damage.