These 3 ways will boost the motivation at your workplace

This will help you to keep your employees motivated

These 3 ways will boost the motivation at your workplace

As an HR manager, you can easily aware of the diversity in your organization so a single approach to motivate all your employees will be a big failure. Every different employee in your workforce needs a different amount of motivational dose to keep them proactive.

So here are 3 different ways you can keep your workforce motivated through the tough times.

These 3 ways will boost the motivation at your workplace

Fetch advice from past data.

There are many motivation theories available which drive the workforce to achieve their goals but the following 5 theories are the most important one:

  • New things to Learn
  • Challenge towards Job
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Autonomy
  • Personal development

Nowadays we notice that organization like us are more concerned towards parameters like Good Pay, Friendliness, Praise and chance of promotion which are not into top 5 drives which actually drives the workforce.

You can clearly observe the change in the environment when the organization focuses on highly rated motivation drivers.

Set the purpose of your action.

It is been popularly said, "No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do." As a human, we all have an ability to see who can work the best or who is the fasted to achieve something or who scores the best So it's always been a great idea that company should set stretch goals(must be realistic). These goals motivate employees to move out from comfort zone and set a higher benchmark for themselves as well as for the company. If the goal stated is unrealistic then this may turn negative and can demotivate your workforce and the whole purpose will be defeated. So your goals should be SMART enough and should be divided is smaller section so that one should know what exactly he/she should achieve in one particular day to capture your goals.

Offer your viewpoint.

Rather than looking for better communication, As an HR manager, you should look forward that your workforce starts communicating better. When there is two-way communication between employees and management of the organization, Organization gets a special power to know what exact problems are face by Line managers and what necessary steps should be taken to tackle the problem. So it is important to keep employees of every level to get their perspective towards the task. It is even necessary to appreciate employees for their hard work with nice incentives. This initiative not just show that you're a great leader but also care about your workforce. Apart from this, an employer should spend time with their colleagues so you can figure out what drives them ahead.


In all the cases the best scenario is that there is alignment between individual and organizational goals.