What is ESS and its benefits?

what is ESS (Employee Self Service) and how does it benefit your HR Department to boost profitability ?

Benefits of ESS , HR software , Employee self service

In today's hustling world, Employee Self Service (widely known as ESS) is like a modern technology's gift to equally adaptable, mobile, modern and high-performance that every organization strives to become. This is how ESS assists do to your organization


What is ESS? How does it work?

Employee Self Service(ESS) is a simple and basic concept -  it provides a software platform that serves on the internet to act as a connection point for all of your employees in organization to access at their leisure & convenience, access to manage their own payroll, allows to apply leave requests, any changes of address or any information and other administration problems which every organization members and employees is altogether capable of and will usually prefer doing themselves, rather than eliminate down administration and IT staff. But how do these things start affecting the organization in the colossal picture? How does ESS change an organization?


Benefits of ESS , HR software , Employee self service

Getting rid of the "hidden" costs of inefficiency

Employee Self Service eliminates a lot of small hiccups that can snowball into a colossal issues and problems - a flyer with a formatting problem that would otherwise take an hour out of a manpower's workday to fix and print, and then a heavy sum in printer ink, not to mention the time is taken to precisely redistribute can now be settled up easily and sent to all employees in a matter of seconds. Sweeping these easily resolved issues in theory, but dull and time-consuming in practice will save your admin staff countless time of counterproductive and dissatisfying work.


Employees taking care of themselves and gradually lowering stress

All workload of employees from both administration and from the ground-up is taken care by Self-reporting. Issues and problems in people management and workplace relations are some of the most likely stress causes for every employee. Self Service not only integrates administrator communication promptly by giving the employee the tools to communicate conveniently and instantaneously through the cloud, it puts the every employee in charge of their own well-being. ESS assists employees become more self-motivated and independent: Let your employees be in charge of their own well-being.


ESS provides a centralized and efficient communication hub for all branches

With a web-based, cloud-supported software capable of rolling your payroll, mailing lists timesheeting, and other bulky blocks of networking information altogether, Employee Self Service immediately connects all hierarchy of an organization no matter how  administratively or geographically separated they might be, and removes inconvenience like accounting for time-zones and bulk data recovery across various virtual PCs. With effortlessly categorized information layers and genres, every employee can log in and be greeted with exactly the data or information they need, at any time, logically and rationally prioritized, with no other futile emails to wade through: No more "email all" memos being sent to the majority to those who don't need them.