Leave Management

  1. HRMantra HR software has a global leave module-we can set leave system for any firm worldwide however complicated in a few hours. Employees do not need a paper based leave history card or leave application form.
  2. Leave rules can be set at any hierarchy like grade, department or location levels.
  3. You can create your own letter templates for leave applications and approvals in case you wish to change the standard predefined letter provided by HRMantra.
  4. You can define any number of leave names and compensatory off. For each of these leave names, you can define any number of sub leave names. For e.g. whether casual leave can be encashed or not and whether it can be deducted if an employee comes late etc.
  5. Different employees can be given different leave accounting year so that in the month of December you do not have lots of employees applying for leaves which are getting lapsed.
  6. Total leaves in a year can be set with provision for maximum or minimum leaves at a time.
  7. A particular leave can be carried forward based on age or direct in a different leave type.
  8. You can define maximum and minimum number of leaves to be encashed at a time keeping a certain balance in your account and as to how many maximum times in a year an employee can encash in a year.
  9. Any kind of complicated Leave rules can be credited either on advance / pro rata / accumulated or on accrued basis on monthly quarter or yearly basis using our very powerful formula builder.
  10. Certain leaves like maternity leave need not be made visible in the leave application form. Such leaves can be manually approved by the HRD when required.
  11. You can define whether an employee can take half a day and whether leaves reasons have to be shown as also his contact numbers.
  12. In case an employee does not have a balance then you can define negative leave balance up to a certain number of days which he can still take without his salary getting cut and his next year’s leave opening balance gets reduced to that many number of days.
  13. Prefix, suffix and sandwiching rules can be easily set and whether you want to include the weekly offs, public holidays and paid leave as a part of that leave application.
  14. You can also set how many days notice period have to be given before an employee applies for a leave.
  15. In case an employee is going on leave and he makes another employee within his department his backup then the backup employee will not be allowed to apply for leave during this leave period.
  16. In case an employee takes a leave on a particular day which is very important to your business (for e.g Sunday for retail industry as majority of people come for shopping on that day) then you can decide to cut leave based on a incremental formula.
  17. You can also check how many employees are going to be on leave in a certain period for advanced leave planning.
  18. Leave balances and rules can be seen, applied and approved online by all employees in a few clicks and can also be bypassed in case an immediate superior is not present. Leave applications are connected to your mail server.
  19. The week before your leave management module has to go live, you can import the leaves taken by all the employees in that year as also the carry forward from the previous year through an excel sheet.
  20. In case an employee is not having an online access to HRMantra then the concerned superior or the HRD can manually approve his leave application.
  21. Leaves data can be adjusted manually either added or reduced from the existing leave balance
  22. This way your vacation management becomes easier through integration of attendance management system with your leave requests & payroll software strengthening your human resources management.
  23. Leave applications & approvals can also be done using the mobile hr software.