Payroll Software

    When we say Payroll Software, we mean it totally. HRMantra`s Payroll System is powerful enough to handle all the complex and convoluted payroll policies. Feel free to create limitless pay heads using robust formulas and parameters to calculate salary, loans, bonus, and tax calculation.

    1. Let your employee contribute extra voluntarily to their PF account and give details of the concerned family member whom he wants to nominate for the various scheme through payroll systems.
    1. Define any kind of Loan or Salary Advances and calculate them with any method which you feel comfortable - Flat, Reducing, PMT and Average value method.
    1. Automatic EMI calculation for all loan granted done in HRMantra`s Payroll Management System.
    1. Free to define personal or housing loan directly on payslip or as a separate loan slip. Allows you to generate multiple reports like how many employees have taken the loan and how much loan amount is outstanding directly through the system.
    1. Define unlimited perk earnings, pay earnings, perk recoveries and deduction through payroll systems.
    1. Set IT exemption limits directly through payroll systems.
    1. Allows you to set pay heads like HRA, standard salary entitlement can be based on fixed amount or formula based.
    1. To know the location of particular pay heads HRMantra`s Payroll system uses math functions like IFF, MOD, INT and operators like <, =, AND, OR.
    1. Define pay heads as per your requirements and can be included in full or final settlement or a flexible benefits plan or in group insurance.
    1. The system allows you to do adjustments in PF deductions which can be based on full or negative or partial amount.
    1. Our Payroll Management Services is 100% customizable which can process the most complicated pay calculations around the globe.
    1. Create any kind of JV reports in text, excel or database format based on any combination of pay heads directly from the payroll management software to import into your accounting software eventually cutting your lots of data entry task.
    1. Configure your pay heads for flexible benefits plan formula based or maximum limit whichever you feel comfortable.
    1. Ready to use profession tax table of every Indian state available in the system itself.
    1. Only Payroll system in India which can update itself in seconds with all the changes announced by Finance ministry of India because of robust income tax formula builder.
    1. The Payroll Management software which has a very elaborate increment process which can be based on pay cycles or slab base. We also provide formula-based increment process applicable to certain pay groups.
    1. Only payroll software in India which allows you to open a flexible benefits plan and investment form for a certain group of people for a certain period and send an email to all of them in just one click.
    1. With a powerful import facility, it is now a child`s play to import various data regarding loans investments, increment, processed salary, and current month’s payroll using excel.
    1. Process the whole salary in a few easy steps and in case of full and final settlement of employees more or less the steps are the same to be followed which are explained when you process salary.
    1. Payroll system which allows your employees to fill their investment declaration by themselves and also allow them to check their salary, loan, and income tax slips.
    1. Payroll process software which allows you to fetch multiple standard reports like company wise, department wise, designation wise, salary statements, Form 16, PF, ESIC statements, loan transaction, arrears exemptions, and TDS reports.
    1. Reports like salary reconciliation, transfer, and promotion report as also e-form 24 Q, PF, and ESIC reports and challans can be generated through the system itself.
    1. HRMantra`s payroll management software simplifies your work and you can import data to other accounting software. We also provide outsourcing service.

    So we said before, we provide payroll software and we mean it totally. Our feature-rich payroll product can handle all your payroll process. We not only process your salary but also help you with multiple reports which will help you to take further business decisions.


Payroll HR software is one of the most important products a company can have in place because it ensures employees are compensated fairly and accurately. Without the right payroll management system, that can be a real nightmare. We can provide the payroll software or payroll outsourcing you need for complete accuracy.

When you have the right payroll management system, your company benefits at every level. And we’re the company to assist you at HR Mantra. Please contact for more information on how we can help. You’ll soon be very glad you did.