Project Management

  1. Enter client details with information like name, industry type, contact details of client, address, billing details and statutory aspects like TAN, VAT etc
  2. Assign clients based on skill sets needed and assign roles like Manager and Coordinator and distinguish clients based on Project Cost whether fixed or slab or rate based
  3. Resource assigning to projects based on duration. Applications can be made by the project Managers for resources and approvals can be based on availability
  4. Resources can be distinguished as billable or non billable for projects assigned
  5. Timesheet application by project resource which can monitor the billable hours and based on which invoices for bills can be raised
  6. Based on Cost and billable hours of resources analytics can be generated like Project Profitability.
  7. Using HRMantra human resource management software you create client projects, assign employees & monitor their timesheets.
  8. So using the project management software managing your timesheets become very easy.