Travel, Claim and Helpdesk Management

  1. Using our help desk software, Helpdesk request applications are escalated to the concerned people on the basis of the ticket numbers that are generated.
  2. The help desk request progress can be tracked by the service desk management to see whether that issue is still open or closed.
  3. The help desk software also keeps a tab on the assets like PCs, AC’s etc allotted to the employees and, who is in-charge of allotting, revoking and clearing it and what is the value of the asset.
  4. Employees can submit their medical and petrol bills claim form online and the expense management software can check their claims limit, which gets reflected in the payroll module on real-time basis.
  5. You can create a basket of claim re-imbursement heads whose payout frequency can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. The balance can be paid out in any of the pay head in any month.
  6. Set limits to each claim type, which can be tax exempt, and in case an employee has not given the supporting for the same then it can be automatically given in one stroke in the last month of March after making it taxable.
  7. In the travel management software, there is also a provision to do manual claim entries by the HOD or HR in case the employee crosses his limits or he doesn’t have online access to HRMantra. Extremely detailed local, intra city and international travel request management can be done.