Human Resource Management

The entire employee transactions like employee database management, onboarding, position reporting chart, surveys, rewards and workflows related to letters, transfers, resignations, offboarding, handover, helpdesk etc., get managed here.

Based on employee groups, you can create any number of earnings, deductions, perk earnings & perk recovery pay heads in this module based on employee groups with the help of powerful formulae builders.

You can store a phenomenal 450 attributes per employee, and more fields can also be added if required (though we believe that with so many details, you will be fully satisfied and wonder why we have added so many details. Over time, hundreds of clients have kept asking us to keep adding little information per employee desired by them and since we never say no, it has become the most comprehensive database in the world! What's more, HR can easily run queries on it using very simple English like AND & OR search conditions without getting help from the IT department.

There are lots of letters that need to be sent to employees, like appointment letters, promotion letters etc., and since the matter could keep varying rapidly, we have provided a workflow so that the seniors could first approve the new templates before it is shot off to the concerned employees.


When any new joinee comes onboard, all the formalities like assigning the desk, laptops, access to the HRMantra software, making the employee go through all the rules & regulations online etc., can be managed from the system

HRMantra generates easy-to-understand organization charts and beautiful employee position reporting charts

You can conduct dynamic surveys on various topics for different employee groups, and the results can be seen online instantly.

Various rewards & recognitions that your company provides, like Employee of the month or star performer of the year etc., can be set in the application along with the benefits that accrue to the recipients. You can open the nomination workflow for a set of employees for a specific period and the list of winners can be finalised by your senior team members. The recognition board gets displayed on a nice page.

If you need to conduct any online test of the employees to check their competence on any subject or suitability for a new job role, then it can be conducted smoothly, and the scores automatically update.

There are elaborate workflows to automate transfer, resignations, handover duty and helpdesk.

Exit process, along with the exit interview workflow, is extremely detailed to handle all the various permutations of conditions.

If you have group medical or life insurance policies for employees based on various criteria then all these can be easily managed in HRMantra.


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