Recruitment Management

All hiring activities, including requisition management, connectivity to job sites, candidate Database, online test, interview, offer management, reference checking & preboarding processes, are fully automated here.

After the workforce budgeting has been set, you can initiate employee requisition workflow and search the candidate database using simple English like commands And, OR, Like etc

Employees can be given the right to apply for Internal Job Postings

HRMantra has been integrated with leading job sites like Indeed, Naukri etc., to upload your job openings and download the shortlisted resumes directly into the HRMantra application for further process.

You can maintain the details of all the campuses you visit, including which colleges are your bit fit and the list of past hirings from various campuses.

You can store information on all the executive search firms that are impaneled in your company and track the payments made for selected candidates


You can create all the randomized multi-choice question tests you want the candidate to undergo online.

You can create various sets of questions that could be asked at interviews like the HR round, technical round & department head rounds so that you can select the best candidates fairly unbiasedly.

Once a candidate has been shortlisted, you can send emails to their referees to ask them to provide feedback by clicking on a link so that the answers given can be directly stored in that candidate's folder.

All your offer letters can be created and emailed to the candidates. They can click on a link in that email acknowledging that they have accepted the offer.

After a candidate has accepted your job offer, you can initiate the preboarding activities like asking them to submit their qualification certificates, medical tests etc., so that when they come on board, no time is wasted on such tasks.

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