Why SaaS

Key Features & Advantages of using HRMantra as a service
  • Without increasing your HR, Payroll, Admin & Technical staff get more output. This way such department’s attrition and employee sourcing costs gets reduced.
  • Do HR & Payroll activities from wherever, whenever in just few EASY steps.
  • Get integrated reports of all your locations in a few clicks.
  • Zero maintenance costs, No buying hardware & OS and No data backup or virus worries
  • Helps you focus on the core business functions of the company. 100% peace of mind.
HRMantra can either be installed on your server or preferably used directly from our server as a service. 

We have a high end HRMantra server in Microsoft Azure which is the most reputed datacenter in the country and which is ISO 27001 certified signifying the highest data security standards worldwide so you do need to worry about power shutdowns and security slippages.


Cost ( Rs.)

A. Approximate initial IT Setup Costs


 - App Server-high end Dell Dual Xeon 2 GB RAM 150 GB HDD


 - D/B server-high end Dual Xeon 4 GB RAM 150 GB HDD


 - OS license-windows 2003


 - MS Office


 - Anti Virus software


 - UPS


 - Network routers


 - Voltage stabilizer


 - Making of a server room with strong AC for 24*7*365 usage


 - SQL D/B License


Total initial IT setup cost


B. Yearly I T setup costs


 - Hardware maintenance, AMC and upgrade costs


 - Salary of I T dept calculated at a minimum cost of Rs 10,000 per month


 - Hardware server space rent per year (3 * 3 ft and Rs 50 per sq ft rate)


 - Electricity costs etc.


Total yearly cost 


I.e average monthly costs of Rs 30,000 




So on a 3 year basis, the total I T cost would work out to about 


Even if your company keeps the application server and the  database server on the same hardware, it will reduce the above cost by just about Rs 2 lakhs and with some other rationalisation, it might further come down to Rs 12 lakhs minimum but thats it. The question is why should you incur such large cost just to use our Software? So we have an easy way out.

Whereas if you opt for HRMantra software to be used from our server then all the above costs do not have to be incurred as also the cost of conveyance, boarding and lodging (if any) of our implementation team and the project also gets finished faster. It also eases our bug fixing and upgradation processes since the user does not have to worry about downloading anything.  This reduces the cost of our product rollout and in case of some support also it is very fast to solve. Finally the client gets the software to use in a very low initial setup cost and low usage costs giving great savings and 100% peace of mind to be able to concentrate on their core business functions.

For more information on benefits of SaaS, please visit FAQs